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Prices are Still Rising

When you are ready to buy or sell, Notary Near You provides a business platform that allows you to request a public notary at the touch of a button, anytime and anywhere.

Residential Real Estate prices are on the rise according to many news sources. In a article they reference Redfin data: “Redfin’s data also determined that only 6 of the 85 largest metros saw a year-over-year decline in their median sale price.” 

In another article they note another Redfin comment: “For at least the four years prior, home prices generally increased faster in walkable neighborhoods than in car-dependent ones,” Redfin writes. “The trend reversal likely reflects that many homebuyers, chasing affordability, have been priced out of the most walkable neighborhoods. As a result, demand has grown stronger in car-dependent neighborhoods.” has an article that outlines the details of the rising prices: Prices are Still Rising, Especially for Low-Cost Homes

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Notary Near YouPrices are Still Rising

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