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How Builders are Courting Millennials to Buy

Millennials have a different approach to life than previous generations, including how they view the home buying process.

Statistics show they reached the age that would be typical of first-time home buyers, but with more debt load and during a time of higher home prices. This is causing them to reach a decision to delay a first home purchase. The combined result is projected to have an impact on their ultimate ability to build wealth over their lifetime and it is affecting how builders need to court this group of buyers.

The articles below present interesting statistics and insights into the millennials as home buyers in today’s market:

From read the full article >  Millennials’ share of the U.S. housing market: Small and shrinking

From read the article > When it comes to their home, Millennials are picky

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Notary Near YouHow Builders are Courting Millennials to Buy

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