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Mortgage Rates Increase in February, creating the question: What’s Next?

Mortgage interest rate volatility continued in February with many lenders quoting interest rates higher than just a couple weeks earlier. Many home buyers and those seeking mortgage refinance are expressing concern about how high mortgage rates may increase this year.

With a positive outlook in a recent article reports “there could be somepromise of stabilityin the fact that the bond market was even able to hold steady today”.

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Yes, Mortgage Rates are MUCH Higher This Week. also predicts continued low mortgage interest rates for the next year or two, sharing: “The Fed to keep its benchmark rate low until 2023”. They provide valuable graphs on insights into the future of mortgage interest rates in their article: Will mortgage rates go down in March 2021? Forecast and trends

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Notary Near YouMortgage Rates Increase in February, creating the question: What’s Next?

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