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Our Nation’s Housing Shortage Crisis

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There is overwhelming statistics proving that our nation is facing a housing shortage crisis. The shortage has caused substantial sales price increases, preventing many potential buyers from affording home ownership.

This article by author Louise Witt on  presents manufactured homes as one solution: “And the affordability of manufactured homes extends beyond their upfront cost. In the country’s 100 largest metro areas, manufactured-home residents spend, on average, 40% less on housing than those living in more traditional homes (also called “stick-built” or “site-built”). That includes both renters and owners. The average monthly gross housing cost for a mobile home is $564, compared with $1,057 for a site-built home or apartment, according to the report. Gross housing costs include, as applicable, rent or mortgage payments/property taxes, lot rent (for mobile homes), and utilities.”

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Notary Near YouOur Nation’s Housing Shortage Crisis

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