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Pre-Fab Homes in the Market

Did you know? 22 million people live in manufactured homes in the US! Whether you call it a manufactured home, pre-fab home, modular home, or a tiny home; the US home buyer market is taking a new look at manufactured homes.

According to a study completed by the Manufactured Housing Institute 22 million people live in manufactured homes, and 10% of new single-family home starts are manufactured homes. General Industry Information contributor Sheri Koones provides additional insights into the trends worldwide: about 20% of the houses in Germany are prefabricated, just a little under 20% in Japan, and 84% of detached homes in Scandinavian countries. She also shares some of the reasons the prefab housing market has failed to take off more quickly in the US.
Prefab 101: Defining The Many Forms Of Factory-Built Homes author Michele Lerner has very interesting insights into the future of prefab housing in her article: Prefab houses were once the ‘holy grail of design.’ So why aren’t there more of them? 

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Notary Near YouPre-Fab Homes in the Market

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