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Facing a “Lock vs Float” Decision? says we will need to wait and see if mortgage rates will drop back into all-time lows. The impact of the pandemic has had it’s affect on bond markets which are driving mortgage rates.

In a recent article they state:  “Are we headed back to all-time lows? There will never be a way to know such things with certainty ahead of time. The best way to look at these things is to discuss how clear it is that a certain outcome is within the realm of possibility.  With that in mind, we can continue to say that new all-time lows are every bit as possible as any other outcome for now. That said, those with the shortest time horizons shouldn’t count on it happening this week if faced with a “lock vs float” decision.”

Read the article here: Mortgage Rates Will Have to Wait to Set More Records

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Notary Near YouFacing a “Lock vs Float” Decision?

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