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Ideas To Buy A Home With Less than $10,000 Down

Median home prices are on the rise in America, with the current median home price at $295,000. Many potential home buyers presume they need a 20% down payment, which causes them to think they can’t afford to buy a home. While 20% down may be a standard, there are several home mortgage loan programs that require little or no money down.

The following list of Loans help home buyers with low to no down payment, and reduced closing costs:

  • Veterans Affairs Loans
  • USDA Loans
  • FHA Loans
  • Credit Union Loans

If your loan program does not offer reduced closing costs, there are other options including closing cost assistance programs. If you don’t qualify for these programs, you can negotiate with the Seller to cover part or all of your closing costs.

The best tip for getting a low or no down loan is do your research, talk to multiple lenders, and keep trying until you get the right program for you.

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Notary Near YouIdeas To Buy A Home With Less than $10,000 Down

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