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Mortgage Interest Rates see the Biggest 3-month Rate Spike since 1994

According to an article written by Matthew Graham for Mortgage News Daily “Adults who are old enough to remember 1994 have always had an ace in the hole when it comes to today’s young whipper snappers complaining about abrupt spikes in mortgage rates. Sure, even older adults have the first few months of 1980, but 1994 was a more compelling example because it wasn’t part of the once-in-a-lifetime inflationary spike.  As such, it is a more worthy comparison to any modern example of rate volatility.  As of today, the race between the first few months of 1994 and 2022 are neck and neck in terms of damage done to mortgage rates in a short amount of time.”

His article includes sources and graphs to support the facts.

Read the article here:

30yr Fixed Rates Heading Toward 5% at Fastest Pace in Decades 

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Notary Near YouMortgage Interest Rates see the Biggest 3-month Rate Spike since 1994

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